The three main types of inground swimming pools;

  • Fiberglass Pools, which typically offer faster installation but come in limited shapes.
  • Shotcrete / Gunite Pools which are high durable and can be created in any shape.
  • Vinyl Liner Pools, which offer excellent value, fast installation, and high durability.

Think about the size and shape that you want your pool to be and where on your property that you want it to go.

A smaller pool may be good for a property that is limited, especially if you want to add other areas to entertain and enjoy your yard. Your pool doesn’t have to be Olympic sized for it to be inground or for you to be able to enjoy swimming it.

If the ground isn’t level on your property, you may not have to do anything to get your inground pool. Talk to the builders about where the pool could go and what size and shape would be best for your property.

If there is debris like plants and trees in the way of where you want your pool to go, find out if the builders will clear it or if you’ll have to find a way to get it cleared yourself before they can start building.

Don’t forget about spa options and Equipment! The pumps, heater, and attached or detached hot tubs will also take up space. Our team can design a space where you won’t have to see them.


Fiberglass and concrete (gunite) swimming pools are very different. They look different. They feel different. And once you look into it closely, you’ll find that they have different strengths and weaknesses. Because they’re so different, there’s generally not much debate over fiberglass vs concrete inground pools. Each has plenty of ardent fans, but no one can claim that one is objectively better than the other. It’s a matter of preference.

Once you understand the differences between fiberglass and concrete, you, too, will probably have no trouble deciding which one you prefer.


A swimming pool that is designed in a naturalistic or irregular style and shape, with curves or flowing lines. Contemporary freeform pools often have rock and waterfall features and are designed to resemble a natural pond, lake or oasis.

Freeform swimming pools are most often constructed of concrete or vinyl. After a hole shape is excavated in the ground and framework is in place, concrete is poured and can be filled to create any shape, size, or configuration.

Vinyl-lined pools can be made into free-form designs that can feature a variety of designs.

History of Freeform Pools
The first freeform pools were built in California, which dominated residential pool design in the 20th century. One was built for Pickfair, the Los Angeles estate owned by actors and Hollywood power couple Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. Built in 1920, it was constructed above a 100-foot banana-shaped tank and featured a sandy shore.along one side. The other was built by Pascal Paddock (of Paddock Pool fame) and featured poolside landscaping to give the feeling of a natural pool or pond. Unfortunately, Ince died of mysterious circumstances in 1924 near San Diego while aboard a yacht owned by William Randolph Hearst.

Contemporary Freeform Pools
Those backyard pools that feature faux boulders, rocks, waterfalls and are built to resemble a natural pond or body of water are more likely to have freeform shapes than be a perfect rectangle or L-shape. Materials used are natural or reflect those found in nature.


Our commitment is to excellence. Your pool will be plastered by the finest pool plaster craftsmen in California. We put our single largest asset, our career craftsman to work on your single largest asset, your home. We believe the long-term value you'll receive is in our quality workmanship.

At BMB we believe quality is a result of great effort and good communications. Your project will never become a job number, only a personal relationship that you can trust and that would cause you to be proud to refer us to all of your family and friends.


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